Thursday, April 26, 2012

Introducing: Willy Moon

21-year-old New Zealander Willy Moon has quickly become one of my favorite new artists. Exuding the 1950s with his pristine sartorial image of sharp, smart suits, slicked back hair, and an eye for fashion, Moon is a promising contemporary pop idol with a retro twist. His debut single "I Wanna Be Your Man" created massive buzz at the end of last year with its old fashioned, yet impossibly catchy rockabilly sound and follow up "Yeah Yeah" is even more exciting. Using a classic Wu-Tang sample, "Yeah Yeah" finds Moon firmly announcing his arrival as an artist, confidently lame dance moves and all.

While America is going to be an immensely difficult market to crack, I have no doubt the Brits are going to give him one huge, warm welcome.

Moon's debut album will be released in the UK via Luv Luv Luv, a Universal imprint, later this year.

Foster The People - "Houdini" [VIDEO]

American electro-Rock trio Foster The People have released the music video for their new single "Houdini". The track marks the fourth official single to be lifted from the group's Grammy-nominated debut album Torches (a personal favorite of mine). Following singles "Helena Beat" and "Don't Stop (Color On The Walls)", both of which did not reach anywhere near the crossover success "Pumped Up Kicks" did, "Houdini" actually stands a solid chance at radio.

There are some arguments whether "Houdini" is really their fourth single or sixth, but seeing as "Broken Jaw" and "Call It Want You Want" did not receive a video treatment nor proper promotion, I'm considering "Houdini" their fourth. And being the most pop/dance track on the album, "Houdini" undoubtedly should have been the second single from the set and not what will most likely be the last from Torches.

The music video offers a dark comedic take on the age-old saying "the show must go on."

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Erik Hassle - "Stay"

Erik Hassle, following his massive 2009 Swedish smash "Hurtful" and underrated debut album Pieces, is back with a more stripped-back and emotionally-honest sound.

"Stay" marks the lead single from Erik's forthcoming second studio album due out by late spring. The song is not a conventional hit by any means but I do not think that's what Erik was aiming for when he wrote it. With a haunting piano melody, evocative lyrics, and heartfelt delivery, "Stay" is a devastatingly sincere track that finds Erik at his most vulnerable — and he's never sounded better. 

Although Erik never reached the UK and US success he was slated to achieve with his massive record deals, here's hoping the world will take notice the second time around. This talent needs to be heard.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Rebecca Ferguson - "Glitter & Gold"

British songstress Rebecca Ferguson has unleashed the music video for her newest single "Glitter & Gold", which marks the third cut to be taken off her platinum-selling debut album Heaven. The track follows previous singles "Nothing's Real But Love" and "Too Good To Lose", which peaked at No. 10 and No. 186, respectively on the UK Singles Chart. While "Glitter & Gold", with its simple yet powerful message, is arguably the most catchy of the three, I can only see it become a UK Top 20 hit at the most.

Rebecca's label Syco really needs to realize the gem they have in album track "Teach Me How To Be Loved". The song is a beautiful piano ballad that is perfect for post-"Someone Like You" radio. With some major radio and club edits from established DJs, the song could definitely find an audience. It has international "hit" written all over it.

Heaven will be released in the US on May 26th via Syco/Columbia Records including all 10 tracks found on the UK version, plus a brand new track you can check out here.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Adam Lambert - "Never Close Our Eyes"

Adam Lambert has done it again and created a catchy, contemporary pop track that could not be any more radio-ready! Written and produced by Bruno Mars and Dr. Luke, "Never Close Our Eyes" marks the second cut from Adam's forthcoming sophomore effort Trespassing, due for release via RCA on May 15th.

First single "Better Than I Know Myself" lacked in radio appeal and seemed odd as a lead single in general, but "Never Close Our Eyes," with its slick electro-production, is definitely going to make an impact. The track will be available April 17th via iTunes as an instant grat for anyone who pre-orders the deluxe version of Trespassing.

You can also listen to three snippets of fantastic songs "Cuckoo", "Naked Love", and title track "Trespassing". Based off a quick listen, these songs could easily be future singles. I have a feeling Tresspasing is going to be one of 2012's biggest surprises!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Miriam Bryant - "Finders, Keepers"

If you love Adele, and obviously you do, then 21-year-old Swedish singer/songwriter Miriam Bryant is going to make you one happy listener. Miriam's debut single "Finders, Keepers" is a beautiful, emotive piano ballad that transforms into a sweeping track with operatic undertones. Not much is known about this soul-pop newcomer but if "Finders, Keepers" is any indication of what is to come, then I am positive there will be a lot more buzz coming her way. With no clear artist to fill the soul-pop void until Adele's new track is released at the end of the year, Miriam Bryant could very well be that artist.

You can check out Miriam's sparse Facebook page and you can buy the single here!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Introducing: Jayme Dee

At just 19 years old, Californian Jayme Dee is set to release her debut album in late 2012 via Universal Republic. Describing her sound as a contemporary twist on old-school ideas, this retro-pop songstress has a certain innocence and charm that will create instant fans on first listen. The truth is in the numbers. Jayme has reached over 11.5 million views on her YouTube page, 90,000 subscribers, and 56,000 Facebook fans making for one huge online following. Whether it's a folksy take of Britney's "Toxic" or an acoustic rendition of famous classics, Jayme perfectly demonstrates her stylistic diversity through her unique covers. 

When Jayme dropped out of the University of Southern California just after one semester to fully pursue her budding music career, she thought she would struggle for a while as she worked towards signing a record deal. Thanks in large measure to her mesmerizing covers and dominating online presence, Jayme quickly signed with Universal Republic just a few shorts months after dropping out from USC. While there may be some talk of Jayme not "paying her dues," I believe the talent speaks for itself. Jayme's voice not only rivals those of singer/songwriters Norah Jones and Jewel, but she also writes her own material. And based off her recently released sampler of tracks from her upcoming debut album, Jayme knows how to craft some amazing songs with colorful, catchy choruses.

When asked about her future plans, Jayme states, "I really just want to make great music. I don’t want to be a trend, I want to create music that lasts decades, not weeks." With her playful personality, vibrant sound, and authentic artistry, Jayme doesn't need to worry about being a passing trend. I have a feeling she'll be setting them soon enough. 

Be sure to check out Jayme's song "Rules" featured on No. 1 soundtrack The Hunger Games: District 12 and Beyond.